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Alex Zaworski

Hi Tom,

Here’s some quick feedback:

  • The nav styling is gonna be rough on the eyes on non-retina screens. I’d bump the font weight up.
  • The little intro blurb is gonna be even harder, that for sure needs to either be larger or a thicker font weight
  • Masthead image is sweet. I like the hard transition to solid color— it looks very natural.
  • I think you need more distance between the big headers and the underline deal underneath them. Like 2-3x the space.
  • I dig the icons.
  • Also dig the colors.
  • Don’t center large blocks of text (the outro), it’s super super hard to read. Either cut that paragraph to like a fourth of the length or left-align that bad boy
  • “Let’s Chat” is (or looks) off center with “Jump Start Your Website” — though I’m sure that’ll fix itself when you get this into a browser
  • If “contact me” is a `mailto:` link you really need to have your email address on it. I’ve had issues in the past on computers with no mail client and `mailto:`s where I’ll click them and literally nothing happens