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Indeed…if I see anything in a line (or a column for that matter), my first thought is flexbox these days.

But the same was true of floats and inline-block when they first were added to CSS.

Flexbox for menus is no different than floats/inline-block…positioning with flexbox is exactly the same regardless, so everything you were doing still works.

Flexbox isn’t a magic bullet that solves all issues but it goes a long way to solving many of the problems associated with linear layout methods.

CSS Grids also show promise to me but I find them incredibly complex and the syntax is confusing (at least to me)…plus I’m not convinced they’re much better than flexbox.

Flexbox will really come into it’s own once display:contents gets more support as it will allow us to wrap and unwrap flex-containers at will…then more complex layout that flexbox can’t achieve now will be child’s play.