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After doing some CSS changes to my style using Edit CSS in WordPress, the 1st line of Comments is automatically centered and I can’t solve the problem.

Can you restore from a backup (ideally you should make a backup before any change) or “unpick” what you did from memory?

Could you please give me a CSS code to solve the problem?

I can’t see much on mobile, but you can help yourself a great deal by learning to use the developer console – F12 in most browsers. With it you can inspect an element and edit applied styles on the fly, live in the browser, before transferring changes to the stylesheet. It’s great for troubleshooting your own code.

If you need more help, show us what you’ve tried in a reduced CodePen demo. It’s much easier for us that way (we prefer not to go poking around hundreds of elements and assets in unknown territory) and the exercise of hiving off just enough markup and CSS to illustrate the problem, will often help you identify the problem yourself.