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Your formatting for the URL is broken, I’m pasting the correct URL below for anyone else who wishes to review your site:

My initial feeling is that it’s hard to critique, because many design elements seem to be missing. That being said, here are some things that stood out to me.

The scrolling effect is very nice, and very smooth – but without any graphics wrapping your content into sections it feels very empty. I love well though out whitespace, but the amount here is so vast that your content suffers.

The fonts are huge. I’m on a 27″ 5k iMac and your navigational font size is almost the same size as your content headers. Additionally, those navigational items don’t ‘behave’ like navigations. I’d love to see a hover transition so I know that these are links.

Your “Go to Top” button doesn’t actually go to the top. My expectation would be that it would go right back up to the top so I can see the navigation. It seems to be going below and I have to then scroll up to see the navigation. Perhaps you should make the navigation affixed to the top so it is always visible?

I see that you’re using Animate.css and I love that animation framework. Did you know that there is a jQuery plugin to help applying those animations during key events? You can find it here:

It’s a bit dated but I’ve used it on a few projects. Helps to avoid writing redundant code.