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Bootstrap is a framework designed to remove some of the hassles of formatting to create responsive web design. They offer many codes you can copy and paste to complete the task you are asking.

You build the pages just as you would normal HTML pages. Follow all the rules for HTML5; there are dozens of sites for tutorials on how Bootstrap is used; and you can download it yourself to see what they are using, or you link to a site that hosts it (just like JQuery). You can get it here:

Look at this page to see some of the components:

Now, before starting using Bootstrap, just as with any other programming code, you should perform research. There are some special codes that should be used, I don’t know where I found that info; I just searched for it.

I built my website with Bootstrap, but it took me 3 days to learn how it works and what I needed to add to my HTML code to ensure it works.

Truly, it’s up to you on how you want to use it. Is there something in particular you want? Basically, you should already know how your page is going to look because you have designed the page first. Then you look for what it is you want and decide how you want to accomplish the design.

I will tell you, without understanding it, you’re going to have issues. Start with internet searches and learn about the general aspects of it first before starting to use it. Once you learn the basics, it shouldn’t take much to put it into practice.

ADDED: check this page