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Cheers, bearhead. I had used a box-shadow on the pseudo initially (but Allie_P didn’t prefer the blur). The original idea was to be able to animate the shadow’s opacity separate from the widget itself, that’s why I used an element of it’s own. I also had to put a workaround in place, using a before pseudo to create the background colour. It wouldn’t be possible to put the shadow pseudo behind the background otherwise. But I’m sure there’s some optimisation still possible.

It looks good except the shadow is not going behind the border, as it should, despite the negative z-index. Why is that?

I’m not really seeing it but it can probably be explained by the logic in the previous alinea nonetheless. Like the background colour of a parent, one can’t put a child lower than the parent itself. Let me have a look at a workaround.

Edit – yep, I actually do see what you mean now.

Back to the box-shadow now by the way, no need for positioning when I could’ve just removed the blur factor.