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Some things do not need a code, some issues are a simple question that require prior knowledge of an issue.

In my opinion, this particular situation did need code to illustrate what you meant. Without it, I also didn’t understand much of what you were describing or asking.

(On a sidenote, I personally don’t think it’s relevant if a username shows whether or not he/she is an administrator, nor if any response you get is from a moderator or a “regular” user. What counts for me, is if the response contains helpful information or not.)

The only other thing I would suggest, is to refrain from making unpleasant/argumentative personal comments like you did in your last post. That’s the best way to turn the thread into a mess and not get you any help. Was Paulie’s response disrespectful? Maybe somewhat. Was your follow-up disrespectful? Without a doubt. Let’s just not do that.

mS (Moderator)