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“What do the administrators have to do with anything?”

I see many forums that state the responder is an administrator, or moderator. Chris does not display these credentials.

“I have no knowledge of character sets but you have posted several times in this thread alone without one line of code demonstrating the issue.”

Sounds like that is a common response with you. Do I need to post a code to ask what 1+1 is? Some things do not need a code, some issues are a simple question that require prior knowledge of an issue.

By the way, you have tons of knowledge of character sets, unless no one ever taught you about ANSI, ASCII, Unicode, or UTF. That’s okay, neither do millions of others. That’s the goal behind my website; to offer a one-stop “shop” for information. Go ahead and use Wikipedia, a 5 year-old can edit Wikipedia. Who’s to say a child knows as much as a college professor? Wikipedia!

“We all work, have lives and can’t answer every question, especially if we don’t have any knowledge of your specific issue”

So if you don’t have an answer, then don’t respond. Are you insinuating that I do not work or don’t have a life?

Guess this is the difference between you and I. If I do not have an answer for someone, but have a similar issue, I will post responses to give an idea what the asker is looking for (do you need a code to realize that?) You need to learn about netiquette because you have a very bad tone.

“Chris Coyier owns the site and there are a couple of active moderators, including myself.”

Do you know what the role of a moderator is, or even the definition? Maybe you and Chris need to read up on this.

“The primary role of a forum moderator should be to promote interaction. A forum moderator should be posting new threads and adding new content to the site. They should be helping out members with their queries and they should be keeping threads alive by asking questions

I posted several times to give an idea of WHAT MY ISSUE IS NOT in order to define a more definitive answer without out many back-and-forth. This doesn’t need code, it requires someone with critical thinking, which is apparent, you lack. Chill? I am chill bro! Instead of making my post longer, and in the event someone had posted before finding what the issue did not involve, I posted to myself.

If I were to ask you if there was a certain length a webpage could be, do I need to post a code? I can’t, because it is a question that does NOT need a code, it requires someone with prior knowledge, is that the limit of you expertise, code only?

“Help us help you. ”

I did that by posting what my issues was not and all I got back was poor netiquette. It had nothing to do with code anyways, Windows 10 has many bugs and I needed to restart my computer. But thank you for your response, now I can see why you have that profile pic, it represents those that have too complex of questions and you respond with disrespect.

This wasn’t the first time you posted something like this to me, or someone else.

I saw the post you replied to for someone that gave their login credentials to their plug-in owner.

Don’t you have the compassion not to put salt in someone’s wounds? Don’t you think that after someone puts their hand on a glowing-red burner you need to tell them NOT to do that?
You told the person “Never ever do that!” after they realized the error of their ways.

I may not know a lot about coding, it will be a long time to get to where you are now; but it’s because of the lack of guidance