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It must be [no image] [shows image]

I chose the latter; I didn’t think it would make a difference; maybe being on the server (which is www) it fails. It’s the simple things in life. It works now. I looked at the path and didn’t see an issue. Since you are well-versed in programming I decided to paste the link, when I put them in this post, that is where I was about to say “Pathing is not the issue because…then I saw the “www…” and then stopped.

I get no help from I sent them a ticket about another issue with them adding the old ASCII /ANSI ISO code (which will be on my site once I stop finding relevant information into character sets [did you know that both Steves from Apple used to work for Atari?] I didn’t until last night. That what my site’s all about…info

Thanks again, this is the, what, 5th time you’ve helped? Guess I best send you a check when I start making some money (if I can stop researching and actually FINISH a page).