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Hi Esteban. I think the design lacks character. Have you tried making “moodboards” or Style Tiles?

The thing is: one can do the right thing on a micro level, with iterating over the appearance of components, but for all those little changes to accumulate into a convincing “look and feel” one will also need the basis of a “design direction”. Try to translate the mental model of the message of the website (target audience and so on) into a visual language. So when you take a step back and maybe realise this needs some”design direction”, one can start from there, and try to be consistent in this approach.

So the target audience are young mothers? What are the magazines they read? How do they look like? Even trying to get some feedback from a member of this target audience might help clarify things. Maybe make a colorscheme, and try to switch all the neutral grays into more outspoken color-values. The logo has these clouds (but does it need to be centered, and if so, why) and informal handwritten typography. Could these round (dare I even try to say “feminine”) shapes be echoed somewhere else on the page? Should there be more informal typography?

These sort of questions …