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Do you need the location link? I could turn that into one pretty easily otherwise…

Not at all.
In fact, turning it into a “Previous” link is exactly what I need.

So just to be clear, you’d like to create several mobile feeds?


That would probably require quite a bit of adjustment…

Wouldn’t duplicating the whole thing work?
I know it might be far from ideal, but…

Not really, I’m not sure what ??? would indicate. I can’t imagine it would represent a wildcard for a web address.

Sorry I messed up that part.
This is what it looks like:

    <script language="javascript">

        var u=self.location.href
        if (u.indexOf("")!=-1) {
            window.location.replace(u.replace("", ""))
        if (u.indexOf("")!=-1) {
            window.location.replace(u.replace("", ""))

        $(window).bind("load", function() { lets_go() });       

And you’re right, it’s obvious it has to do with Google Maps.
I won’t need that, so I think it’s safe to delete it.

This though is something I don’t quite understand:


Country changes according to the visitor.
I just used a US proxy and it changed to… UNITED STATES.
Should I leave it empty? Do I even need it at all?

iOS I also don’t know what it does and if it should stay ‘0’.
I’d love to learn more about it but Google isn’t being much help… lol