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Would it be too much work to add a “Previous” button?

Do you need the location link? I could turn that into one pretty easily otherwise…

If I want to add more divs

So just to be clear, you’d like to create several mobile feeds? That would probably require quite a bit of adjustment…

Can you tell me what this does?

Not really, I’m not sure what ??? would indicate. I can’t imagine it would represent a wildcard for a web address. Besides that, I guess it would only ever be needed for Google Maps. And I’m not even sure that bit of JS would work at all anyway if the location.href is Google and not their own page. I don’t think you need it in any case. As far as I can see you could delete all but these :

    PAGE_SECTION = 'workbench'
    iOS = '0'

I have not yet looked into this though :

    $(window).bind("load", function() {