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Just when I thought I had it, I lost it. I had to fix many issues because my browsers on my computer showed everything good; but I used a smartphone and mom’s computer to run it and everything failed.

I probably have too many meta tags, and links; however, I fixed the issue that you had stated

It’s validated now. I received an email from my server and they claim the server never did any of that and it was me blaming them. They had performed maintenance yesterday and everything is fine now.

I give up on the safari issue; there’s no way I am downloading an Apple program on my PC that is no longer supported. I may have to add a disclaimer for Safari users that the system may not be compatible. I have yet to find out what Opera is.

I’m going to look at the changestyle.js Bootstrap has and see if that’s a feasible tool. I am more curious about what you mentioned about local storage. I have 100 GB of server space and even containing all 1.3 million species is only around 28,000 KB.

Let’s close this thread, unless someone else has code to fix the Safari issue, there’s no reason to continue this discussion.

Thank you for your feedback, I was looking for the term “local storage” and couldn’t remember what the term was.