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So, I royally missed some of my paths. I added a new page. I created the page under my www folder, in wamp.

As I loaded the page to my server, it kept the formatting. If you are unaware, to open a PHP script in the browser, you enter:

As I was about to check what needed to change, it actually stayed how it was created. Is this a fluke?

And then, as I was going through all my codes to make everything an absolute path, I came across styleswitch.js under bootstrap. Is this the cookie code I been looking for?

I am finding new things to toy with every time I attempt to make a new page. This is what makes me take so long to update my site. But I did mess something up and need to make sure all my CSS and img files paths are absolute and not relative. That way, it doesn’t matter what I add or change, it should always load correctly.