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The code is irrelevant; it all works; Safari just cuts off my text

As I stated above:
the dropdown works
the color works
the animation works
Safari is removing some of the text.

I’m just checking if someone else has an issue and does not require a visual aid. Besides, I am not paying for a service I may never need again.

When the user has sent me an image, then I will post it; I can save money by just taking the image, pasting it to a blank html page in my website , and send the link.

I’m not really concerned about this at all; just checking for similar issues and possible solutions to get a better idea myself.

What I am more concerned about is cookies to save the preferences; I have looked at a baker’s dozen of examples and still cannot figure those things out. If making cookies were as easy as baking cookies, I’d be enjoying a glass of milk instead of having to milk it.