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Use overflow-x : hidden in your CSS; this will remove the horizontal scroll; regardless of screen size.

I also agree with the dark colors; you are Seattle; put a little Phoenix in the layout.

Your responsiveness is nice, but minimize the window the size of a smartphone and you will notice the right ad banner covers the divs to the left and the images are not truly responsive.

You have the viewpoint set for RWD; however, you may be using code that removed the RWD (maybe relative positioning?). If you do not want RWD, there’s no sense to use:
<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″> because this is what makes RWD possible.


I am using Bootstrap; therefore, I do not need to worry about a lot of the formatting in CSS. This is why I am lost; I used Dreamweaver to create my 1st site and did not learn the necessary attributes.

I am learning very fast; people such as Beverly and Shikkediel have helped me a lot.

I attended 4-year colleges, not a tech school. I learned a lot about everything, not just programming.

The colors are one thing they teach; another is never use more than 5 sentences in a paragraph. I noted in your code you actually placed a space (enter) to separate your tags; add a <br> in some of your paragraphs (that’s just my opinion).

One last thing is to ensure your div containers (such as what Shikkediel said: “Some of the text isn’t very readable…”); add height:auto to the div/containers that show where the text disappears. [Online Code Editors]

I have not really looked into much of your code; but these were the issues I had and how I mitigated the issues. Again, I used Bootstrap; these suggestions may not work for you; but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

When I first learned programming, we were on HTML3 or 4; that was several years ago. I have a tendency to forget things I do not use; therefore, I waited until the end to complete my core courses.

My degree is B.S. I.T w/ conc in website development. Unfortunately, they did not teach me what I really needed to know. I learned more by myself in 3 weeks than in 8 years. I finished my last course 12 days ago and learned about Bootstrap on March 5.

I am still working on my site and have taken all that time just to finish 1 page. I had to create a portfolio and used 2 pages for an “About Me”

I still have a lot of work to do, right now, I’m stuck on cookies. None of my colleges taught me about JavaScript.

Oh, yeah…one thing my research taught me is to use the <head> for any styling and place all <script> at the end of the <body>. Sources state doing so makes pages load faster**;


**Good, because user doesn’t have to wait for scripts.
Bad, because the functions become available after the HTML is loaded. A user has a chance to click on button which may not work. Usually adding special code that hides functionality until the script has loaded resolves the problem. **

You can visit my page; however, do not take note of my code. I am using includes for my pages; when you view my pages, they remove my UTF-8 charset and put this:

<head><meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=us-ascii”>

in its place.

I am expecting to call me and explain to me why this is happening. All I know is they are still using HTML 1 in their file manager, but HTML5 for their own pages.

Again, these people know a heck of a lot more than I do and I am just trying to pay it forward.