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I use Notepad++ to write the code and just save to my preset location in File explorer. This was supposed to save time to already reference the required file; however, when uploading, the path doesn’t work.

that’s why I stated I used File Explorer; that was supposed to be my local environment. Maybe having the files under wamp/www throws it off.

I am just going to keep it simple and make all my paths absolute. I’ve read many resources about paths and find it’s more opinioned than requirement.

When I had to create my portfolio for my IT-489 Portfolio Planning course, I had to use URL(“./../img/body.jpg”) in order for it to path correctly in File Explorer. However, I may have had it correct but their server was unresponsive for most of last nightit would not work just uploading the files to their respective locations.

I really hurt myself the first time around by not utilizing HTML3 or 4 [whatever I used the first time] by writing my own code. I let a program do it for me and now, when I really need it, I am lost. This is especially true with Bootstrap. I had 3 weeks to finish my prototype; my goal was to just make a single page, a template that will be used for all future designs.

I had little time (minus not sleeping for several days) to create my project. Inadvertently, instead of using Chalk & wire, I used my template for honest lee to create my portfolio.

My server offers a website builder; but I don’t use it. If I really need something, I look at various websites to see how they have completed that task.

I had tried to ask several students and professor about some of the things I am asking here; no responses. I had no guidance whatsoever, even through other forums. This is why my code looks the way it does.

I had tried many times to ask for help, and to experiment with various syntax. The things I missed were not using the same letter-case for the file extensions. This is noted in previous posts.

If I knew now what I knew then is a common statement for us; for me, it’s I didn’t need college. However, having a degree allows for more opportunities. Having this website is putting into practice what I learned (or lack thereof). Now, having a website hosted allows me to see things how they should be. Not just make some files, folders, and put them into my file explorer.

The hosted website allows me to learn something college will never teach. I am new, but I’m far from unteachable. I learned enough about Bootstrap to complete my webpage in a few weeks. This, in no way, means I know everything about it. In fact, I need help to understand the templates and options available. I guess it’s more JS than Boot.

I have been tired of how many sites are more concerned about making money than offering the best experience. I have compiled over 3,000,000 files to use for my website. I may perform some actions that many would never even think about on their site. I may have offered too many options; however, I am making this site for the world, not just programmers, or students, or…

With 3 billion people, I have to make attempts to find ways to cater to them all. I could care less if I make any money at all on this site; I’m just trying to leave the world (wide web) in a better place than I found it. This website may not be something programmers like, many may poke fun at me; as far as I’m concerned, if it helps some student find the answer quickly and accurately, then I had completed my goal.

I have finished putting my “portfolio” on my site. This was not all of my pages; I had to add artifacts (those will go into other locations) to complete the project. Instead of re-writing a new bio, I showed my exact college work.

I also created build documents; this was to explain why, if any reason, my prototype could not be finished. To save hassle, I wrote down step-by-step my actions. I plan on adding the build documents to how Honest Lee was created. How many sites can say that?

Creating the build documents allowed me to go back to previous codes that worked, if I messed up too badly; to accurately define my progress in the required status updates; and to allow for new programmers to review any issue I had and that might help them with any issue they may have.

I have been ridiculed by many people just for my idea for the website. I’m okay with that. I’m not scared of humiliation, dealt with it my whole life. Determination is what drives me, and no one can stop that. My perfect image of determination, as like those pictures in offices, is a Chihuahua trying to mate with a Great Dane. Imagine a small dog with an erection eyeing up a large female dog. Yeah, that’s me!