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File Explorer Microsoft Document folders; where all files are in Windows OS. I set up my pages in a folder just as any server. I use Wamp, therefore, I place my folders under www.

I use Notepad++ to write my codes and then save them as their respective file, and place in respective folders. From there, I can path correctly to know how the pages are going to link.

I don’t know anything about what you’re saying, what is CMS?

“How do you upload the content – through FTP?”
No, FTP is for when I want to share special files through my website.

“And related, how is your hosting account generally set up? Mostly when it comes to “freedom” of accessing the server itself. ” I access the server through CPanel, I can choose to edit the file from the edit code or edit options, that opens the codes for editing; additionally, I can delete the old file and upload through [what appears to be DropBox].