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I talked with and they are unsure; but no matter how many times I paste the code, it adds their own stuff to it; it even removed my title completely and the default appeared.

I really cannot explain in words how to find this error, I edit the HTML, that opens to a Dreamweaver-like setup; when choosing “source” it opens the code. Now I went to remove it and it all messed up. I got this one though, I only have a few references to images and such. I just wish it would display my changes immediately and not have to wait up to an hour.

This doesn’t seem to affect the page at all. I placed the images in the same location and tested it from there. Instead of messing around with the relative path, I just used the absolute path.

What threw me off is was performing maintenance and that’s why it took so long to update the pages. Good thing we do not have rules for using relative vs. absolute paths. However, I did read somewhere that some programs require absolute in certain locations and sometimes one must use .jpg and not .png.

I would never have solved my issue through other sites (as someone stated, “make sure the extension is the same, you cannot link *.jpg using *.JPG. The other issue was not using absolute paths.

The page looks correct; but I need to change some of my “skills” to: oblivious, confused, and ignorant. Regardless, this is how I learn, I would not had these issues if I allowed a program to do it for me.

Then again, if we keep allowing our vehicles to park themselves, or allow back-up assist, we are going to lose the skill to drive; guess Judge Dredd and Total Recall (the original) were just accurate predictions.

Suppose if I crash into Google’s self-driving car, I can just take off, not like the car’s going to call me out on a hit-and-run!
I appreciate the effort you all took in my issues. Yes I am new and inexperienced; but we all started out that way.