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Shikkediel — “Then there must have been two of you – and neither would have slept at all. Lol.”
You are correct, I had 3 weeks to create a working prototype. On the 2nd week, Wednesday I stayed up all night, Thursday at 5am I went to bed; then my mind came up with something and stayed up until Friday morning at 7am; went to bed and another thought occurred. I had to force my brain to shut off; I then slept for 4 hours and went back to it.

I read somewhere about JPG and jpg were different; that was one of the issues. I had referenced all image as “jpg;” however, only 1 was jpg. I changed that. There is an issue with my host; it takes several times to edit my css or js codes.

I used an absolute path to have the pages display the images; I’m not going to worry if a relative path works because it works now. Now, after uploading the old html file, the image disappeared. I may have an issue because the last time one browser did not display my image.

I know some coding are not case-sensitive; I did not know about the file extensions being case-sensitive. The simple things like this are what colleges should be teaching and not “Here’s the code, now style it.”

I think we can close this out because if there is an issue with IE and Firefox displaying my picture, and Chrome not, it would be my host’s server and not my code…unless you think there would be.

I appreciate all of your responses; I have gotten further with this site than I ever would any place else. I just hope I’m not making you all as frustrated as I have been; this has become a valuable source for me, and would hate to lose the feedback.