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A quick glance at the above shows why Stack Overflow was not the right place for that question.

It’s unclear, way too broad, asks for opinions, contains no code or error messages that might help debug and only a link asking “Please fix this for me”.

They also don’t do code reviews, that’s for another Stack Exchange site.

In fact, other than being not spam, it ticked every off-topic box they have.

As for being “booted”, you won’t get banned for a single bad question,so I’m unclear as to what that means.

We’re much more relaxed over here but we do have some standards we like to see and general rants won’t get deleted but they don’t encourage much incentive to help.

Be calm, clear, detailed and we’ll see what we can do but we’re not a one-stop shop to fix your site. We’re going to point you in the right direction if we can but we’re not going to do the work for you.

Help us help you.