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Well a lot has happened today.

I found a way to disappear the favicon accidentally that says something… but what?

I had a file included that had a bunch of links to various sizes, like you see above. It was missing the “shortcut” one for “favicon.ico” itself. It had one of the force cache links (in my example above.) When I included that set, the favicon disappeared. When I didn’t include that set the favicon would appear.

It looks like the icon was cached. And when I had no included links, the site uses the cached icon. The big HOWEVER is that when I have a forced refresh and no icon, it loads no icon. It’s temporary though, and isn’t forcing a new caching to remove the icon already cached. Probably though if I had a link to a different image, that would get loaded.

Meanwhile, this was for a volunteer organization.
With a president who’s doing powerplays and I’ve found a way to leave. So it’s no longer urgent. But I do still want to figure it out because i have other people I do sites for, and I’d like to get my skills sharpen and things developed correctly. I’d like other pages to automatically refresh whenever we’d modified them.

So I will be playing with this some more. If you have more ideas, please do let me know. Meanwhile though, this isn’t the urgent thing that it was.