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“Where’s your selector? ‘????’ is not a CSS selector and I’m not sure what you’re attempting with ‘’

Have you tried using one of the classes to target the element?;

.panel-row-style {background-image: url(“homebannerm.jpg”) !important;}

More info about CSS selectors”

I have tried every combination of selectors from my DIV and none work, ??? is there because it is up for suggestions. (however i will try panel-row-style and see if that works)

“Just watched the video on the plugin page on WordPress …

you’ll love it how Page Builder changes everything!
No offence and not even trying to be smart when I ask: not anymore, do you?

Because we see this time and time again over here: people using some sort of page-builder, or site-builder (or these kind of plugins which allow you to move “widgets” around) and then hitting a wall.

Anyway, if you are serious about webdesign, then you shouldn’t use these sort of tools, which tend to limit you with these javaScript inserted inline styles. Next best thing would be something like the new Adobe XD (Adobe Experience Design) which will allow you to be more close to the metal while being a visual (prototyping) tool.

If you want responsive images, then don’t believe false promises claiming that “webdesign can be so easy”, ’cause this can get complicated very fast.

Or, dare I say, find a webdesigner who can solve these kinds of problems for you.”

I am aware of their limitations. Themes for wordpress are responsive in so that the designed features from the developer respond appropriately, obviously pictures do not fall into that category. Certainly i am not going to build a clients website from scratch if it has already been build in wordpress.

If i remove the background image from the widget i can just add it to the custom css with a media query.. but i want to avoid adding more custom css but i believe that this may be the only way to remove the image from inline.

Thank you for your suggestions, i will let you guys know what happens.