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I think it’s pretty good… the colors and font are nice, the overall design is pretty inviting. I’ll echo what senff wrote about the iceberg… It’s just not apparent that it’s the menu (or even clickable) at first. I see that it does shake intermittently, but maybe that’s a little too subtle?

Also, based on how the navigation works (at first glance it looks like you are navigating to other pages), it does seem like the back button should be usable… a developer will realize the site is just one page, but a layman might not understand why their back button is disabled or not working as expected. Unfortunately I don’t really have any suggestions how to address that…

I checked the site with google emulating a couple different mobile devices and the text seems pretty small… maybe google’s emulation is just goofy? If it is accurate though, you should consider making the font larger for mobile devices.

Finally, the site simply does not function with javascript disabled… it is debatable whether or not you should support non-js users. However, I think if someone does visit with their js disabled, you should display a notification that js is required to view the site. It would be pretty simple with a basic <noscript> element.