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Oh I fully understand the frustration that you feel. I’ve taken a number of posters to task for being rude to those who try to help. Another thing that frosts my flakes is the lack of “thank you’s” as with the OP here. I was raised in a small Mid-Western town in the U.S. in a different time. (I’m now a European resident.) and I recall common courtesy, please and thank you. Those are rare today.

Anyway, I greatly admire the skill ALL of you have with coding, and although I try, and read often, much of it is beyond my grasp. I’ve always been one who needs to be shown through demonstrations than with just reading “how to”. If I can see the code I can often “back engineer” it by taking it apart bit-by-bit and seeing what changes. With that I can figure out what does what, but even with that there are things I just don’t grasp. If I knew someone personally who has a deep understanding of the various codes, I’d hire them to come to my home and tutor me. Sadly for me I don’t.