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further image compression may help… google pagespeed was reporting that they could be reduced by maybe 15-18% (depending on the page).

You could also maybe try grouping your javascript and css together so you have less requests. I looked at it on, and it looks like you have 5 js requests, 6 css requests, and 8 font requests. Maybe there is some way you could get away with less custom fonts?

I don’t think the speed of the site is too bad over-all though (on a good connection) I mean it has a pretty long time to document completion (repeat views are quite a bit faster), but that’s just the rest of the images being downloaded. The DOM content is loaded less than 2 seconds in, so the user can interact with the site pretty quickly.

I guess its kinda slow on like a 2G connection, but it’s a photography website with lots of photos so I guess the only option there would be to implement some scripting so that only much smaller images are downloaded on mobile devices. I don’t think optimizing the images at their current resolution will make a huge difference on slower connections.