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Black Mamba

Thanks for your input guys.
I’ve added the missing semicolon.

The text looking bolder was definitely not optical. It’s a rendering issue caused by the browser. Maybe not everybody will notice it or care too much about it, but people with a design background, like me, will spot it.

font-smoothing:antialiased minimizes the issue to a certain extent. It’s still not perfect, but I don’t think there’s much more (or anything else!) that can be done…

That said, some of the letters still move after the scaling is complete. Like there’s a kerning adjustment…

What’s bugging me is that with this text size it’s very easy (at least for me) to see and a definite eyesore!!!

The smaller the text is, the harder it is to notice it… although it still happens! While if I make the text substantially bigger, it no longer happens! Weird, very weird…

David, you were joking, right?
That was definitely not was I was talking about.