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Attention: I have put background colors on elements to see what’s the problem => here u have “span” in red; “”a” in yellow and the “ul” in purple…

= firefox+chrome and all the webbrowsers

There is ul with no width or max width => the element take the a width according to his span contant + span style (nothing there) + padding on a… The “li” take the width on it”s content too… perfect and normal way.


In ie10-11 (not ie 9 !!!!!!! not edge !!!!!!!!) => there is a calculation of width (idont know where that coming from) tottaly inacurate. There is new spaces in the “a” tag, after the text and span… and there is no trace in the dev tools!!!!!!! Oo.

BUT if i stay on the page and resize my window on the break point that activates mean menu and come back to the normal size:

No more problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oo

Strange, incredible but hard to correct for me.