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Hi again Atelierbram!

Im slowly getting closer to my dream menu for my webside, much thanks to you!

Im afraid that my WP theme support does not cover customization of menus, so i have met a wall when it comes to the .current-menu-item I tried adding it directly over the them menu code with no luck.. are there any tips or directions you can point to ?

I did some testing in This CodePen Test. with no luck.. now it just stays orange, and the mountain (what used to be a mask) is still stuck in the middle… I thaught that when linking to “#” the movement code should work in the test also?

Either way, i started tweaking the animation speed, and cant really say i get anywhere there either.. (added the duration: “slow”, tag with no luck

$("#fancy-nav a").hover(function() {
$el = $(this);
leftPos = $el.position().left;
newWidth = $el.parent().width();
left: leftPos,
width: newWidth,
duration: "fast",
//backgroundColor: $el.attr("rel")

My main code pen.

If you have any more tips, that would be great! if not i have to thank you for getting me here :)