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the orange Motion Air link stays orange and the mask is always hovering over the same item after i refresh a new page

Have you changed the .current_page_item_two a { color: orange ;} into (something like) .current-menu-item a { color: orange; }?

The thing is: now the PHP-templating-engine of WordPress is handling the dynamic class names on elements, depending on the context, so you have to go with that. Do you use in-browser (Chrome-)DevTools (or Firefox devtools/Firebug) to look at the live code to check on this?

Do i need some customizations to fit it to my site?

Probably many more edits needed, but that’s what is making things better, and what will provide good practice. Hard to comment though for me when not being able to look at the site.

The rel attribute with the color-value isn’t doing anything in this context, and can be removed from the HTML and the JavaScript. See also this demo.

BTW ISO display: table for centering the ul (this can come to bite you later), consider using Flexbox:

#fancy-nav  {
  display: flex;
  justify-content: center;