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Thanks, those are great examples. Exactly what ive been looking for.

I have some follow up questions if that is ok. I have been testing for a while now, and there are a few of things i dont understand.
My Magic Line Fork.

The #fancy-nav is float right, with width to 50%, why is it not in the middle?

When i hover interviews and contact the image is not centred over the button, where/what do i edit to change that? This problem also changes when i edit text size..

Also the image doesent stick over a new menu after it is clicked.. this is the java part, which i know nothing about..

Is there a way to add this effect to the built in menu in my wordpress theme.. Im thinking this is a bigger job, but is it enough for me to work with the selectors and classes provided in the link below?
Theme CSS class index.

Thanks again, a lot!