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Thanks, as expected but it’s good to return to these things from time to time incase progress has been made!

I’ve updated the CodePen:

I have a couple of questions, not related to the font-size but to avoid a new thread I’ll ask here:

  1. Regarding BEM, i’ve used the class of keyword-index__item--has-child is that ok? Or is it acceptable to just use has-child? I seem to come across different levels of strictness!
  2. Is about column-count. It seems a bit hit and miss? For example if you look at the updated CodePen, why does the first list not span into 5 columns as is declared – it’s how the second list is displayed?

I’ve also noticed margins can run into the next column. For example if the last item in a column is the end of a (parent) list-item, the margin-bottom can appear at the top of the next column, pushing everything down?