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Many, many thanks for the help. The page now looks pretty much as it should thanks to the help from this forum. It’s very kind of everyone.

I agree that the page is a very simple one. I would have thought that the CSS could be simple, too. I guess I was wrong. Trying to trick CSS into behaving with background images has proven to be way more difficult than it should. (When a Google search of “css background image width 100” returns 1,370,000 results, that tells me it’s a screwy set of specifications. I’ve read the posts. I feel the pain.)

I don’t necessarily want lots of margins (or padding) in the CSS either, but I don’t know of a better way to position text over certain parts of the background images.

The text for the novel is now centered. Thanks!

Thanks for this reply: “The html needs to be restructured such that each block of content is grouped with the image it is supposed to go with in it own container.” I agree. As I look at the code, that seems to be pretty much what I did. Again, I’d be extremely grateful for any specifics on why that’s not the case, and how to remedy.

Long, long ago, I used to program in Pascal. CSS is not Pascal.