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Thanks again, very, very much.

I have posted the draft site to:

The problems I’m running into now are:

I had to insert a tag:


in the <header> to get the entire header background image to display without sliding several hundred pixels down the page (putting border around the image also fixed the top margin problem; I have no idea why). It’s kludgy, but it works. I wish I understood why.

The text under the “HIDE” graphic isn’t centered, although the text is set to text-align: center. This may have to do with the background image not responding to the max-width of 1024 pixels.

The background image for the footer seems to be correlating to the

for the footer, but the background image is assigned to the <footer> tag, not the

. The image is supposed to butt up against the bottom of the background image above (robin’s eggs), and the text should begin at about half way to two-thirds below the top of the image. That is, the behavior should be the same as the main nav in the header.