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Thanks very much. I understand entirely. As it happens, I probably need a CSS consultant (so far, having little luck finding anyone in the Washington DC area). I don’t know why a border around the section causes the section to be placed where it should be, but, when I move the border, the margin increases by about 1000 pixels. Except for the fact that the border is 1 pixel, why would a border cause anything to move? I thought the C in CSS stood for cascading. However, when I specify the font color for the page in the body tag, and later specify a different color for a specific (specificity, right?) id, ALL of the text changes color, except for the a:link and certain headers. I have taken hours of CSS training, read my books from Smashing Magazine, and built several web sites with CSS3. I’m not understanding AT ALL the weirdness of what’s going on. If I knew how to remove my post and stop bothering everybody, I would. Again, thanks and apologies.