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So after you edited the template(s) of your current WordPress theme, and removed or out-commented the lines that say <?php get_sidebar(); ?> .

<?php // get_sidebar(); ?> 

Basically remove or out-comment all of the float: left declarations on content wrappers in CSS, and change the width declarations to min-width and move those to a section within a media-query. When you set a max-width on all the paragraphs, then the text line-length will not get too wide. After that you will have to look into adjusting the width of the content wrapper(s) in different media-queries.

#content {
  /* width: 930px; */
  margin: 60em 5em;
  margin-top: 60px;

p {
  max-width: 60em;

/* example media-query */
@media (min-width: 960px) {

  #content {
    max-width: 60em;
    margin: 60em auto;
  } {
    min-width: 620px;


P.S. you can remove the #primary-wrapper from the markup in the templates; it’s no longer needed.