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Haha true! I suppose on IE8/9 on desktop I could switch it out for display: table and I think having the loops/edits not lining up in the expanding section is acceptable, as long as the content is still accessible, which it will be!

So I guess it would look a bit like this (based off your example):

I tried using flex-grow but that didn’t work, obviously because they’re not contained in the same div I guess.

I suppose it will need to be percentage widths if the edits/loops lists are to line up with the edit/loop text above. I thought about nesting the content within each div and expanding them all – but that’s going to cause major issues for the layout on mobile/tablet.

…unless javascript was used to get the widths of the necessary divs and set it on the relevant content in the secondary div? I’m guessing that’ll be mighty heavy though, there could be 50+ tracks on a page!