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You’re talking about the JS, right?

The CSS still has a lot of junk, I know that… and I’m in the process of cleaning it up, I just posted the whole thing because I didn’t think it would matter much. I’m not looking for anybody to clean it up.

Regarding the JS, I also don’t want you (or anybody else) to clean it up. I mean, of course if you see a chunk that’s not doing anything… it would be good to know… but I understand it’s a lot of work… and it’s not what I’m asking for…

I would just like to id what controls the number of slides that are visible at any time (mainly this!) and if possible the positioning ( I want to be able to change the width and keep the whole thing centered) so that I can adjust both…

I’ve been trying (trial and error) on my own, but never got it quite right.

Is that too much work? I’m a JS n00b so I really can’t tell…