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Alex Zaworski

Wait is the logo animated? How? I can’t get it to budge (in Chrome).

Also the logo in the fixed nav doesn’t have the toggle switch in it which kinda sucks. I’d assume it’s because it doesn’t render well at small sizes but it’s unfortunate none-the-less. It also doesn’t link to the home page which is… weird and hopefully going to change.

Another thought, more on the conceptual end of things, I sort of wish the arrows on external articles were on the right side of the article instead of the left. When they’re on the left, they just point to the title. Kind of a “hey look at this thing” — maybe that’s the intention? If they were on the right it would be more of a “hey you’re about to leave this site” deal which seems more appropriate. Visually, arrows on the right would definitely be harder to pull off so I get it.