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Ah ok thanks – I started running through an entire JS templating tutorial on Lynda, until I realized nowhere in the entire series did he cover how you can use these engines to simply pull in HTML partials. I thought I was mistaken and running into a dead end without getting the solution I’m looking for.

Yes I should have mentioned this solution needs to be for static HTML sites – not PHP includes. I need this for a front end build process only. It doesn’t look like Twig or Blade can be configured to create sites that don’t need a PHP server, unless I’m mistaken on that.

Zell has helped me out a ton in the past with Susy. I see he is all excited about switching over to Gulp — however – ironically, I have my entire framework built with Grunt so I’m not about to switch over my entire setup to another taskrunner – no time for that.

Of everything I’m weakest in JavaScript. So getting this kind of thing ends up being a larger time / effort investment for me if it involves more complex code in that area. Nunjucks looks good but I’m not finding a lot of quality tutorials other than his or community for it so far in case I run into trouble ..

I want this to be as simple and easy to get up and running as possible. I just want to keep working with a minimum hassle configuring whole new setups and languages. But it looks like that might be a futile expectation lol .. thanks again for the pointers, I’m still deciding here …