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Oh wow! Your gratitude astounds me JTwa11.

I asked you what input you anticipate because your question was vague – there was no JS and the CSS for the image positions appeared unfinished – it made more sense after I saw the other thread and then I piped up with a suggestion. I’m sorry if you took it to be sarcastic. Sheesh, a good deed never goes unpunished.

As for posting links to articles that are not mine, I think, like many offering help, we will link to articles that seem relevant in the circumstances. If I don’t know the answer, or don’t have a good inkling of the topic, I don’t reply.

If you’re referring to the articles I linked to in this thread, I actually wrote BOTH. It may help if I explain that I am a moderator at Dynamic Drive and hold a supporting blog there And to further help and participate in the web community, I also post free scripts and demos from my own website and If at any time I use snippets of code from other sources (which happens from time to time, through inspiration or necessity) I credit that source with a link in my work. I do not take other developers’ credit though, as you seem to imply.

I would hope that most people see that I do this for enjoyment, to try out new techniques, and to help fellow web developers. I’ve been in this game since 2003 – back to the days of spacer gifs and such – which granted, isn’t as long as some of the guys here, but I have gained a little knowledge myself along the way ;) I remember how difficult it was getting help myself back then, so I try to play my part in making it easier for others now. More the fool me some days, but at nearly 40 years of age, I accept that you can’t please or get on with everyone all of the time.

I do not know why you accuse me of not creating my own work. What has led you to that conclusion?

ps – Thank you Shikkediel – you took my initial post as intended :)
I guess my British-ness comes across differently to folks from other corners of the globe.