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When I first checked the CodePen on iPad it wouldn’t scroll …but I created a static html page with your code ( and on iPad it drags and links seem clickable! The blur event you added looks to of fixed the drag ‘sticking’ when the cursor leaves the viewport too! Lots and lots of progress! :D

I guess this must be something to do with how CodePen handles the code. Also checked on iPhone, obviously we’ve not done the responsive-ness of it yet but that was draggable as well so great job! I guess that’s the main part of this broken now and hopefully just into the finishing touches.

I know we’ve mentioned it before but what are your thoughts on momentum scrolling on iOS devices? I’m not sure how we’d go about re-enabling it, do you think a 3rd party plug-in might be the best way and only run it on mobile/tablets?

You said on resizing, the layout jumps back to the 1st item aligned to intentionally. One thing I just noticed using an iPad was if I was using the tablet in portrait view (for example) and then rotated to landscape, the content resets to the left. I think it’d be good to keep the place I was looking at in view from a usability point of view – but if this is a real pain in the *** to do, I think it’s fine to leave it how it is! :)

Thanks again @Shikkediel, great, great job, I really appreciate this!