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Haha I know what you mean, sorry! Yeah I’ll refer to drag for horizontal and scroll for vertical.

Based off this example:

I’ll list issues I can see so we can break it down and look at them 1 by 1. Some of them we don’t need to worry about now but I figured best to document.

  • iPad drag doesn’t work if you touch/drag on figure/a/img/text, only if you find a gap

Other things, not sure if they’re related:

  • Anchors don’t fire on click?
  • If you drag and cursor goes out of the browser window, the drag ‘sticks’ when you re-enter window.
  • On resizing, the layout jumps back to start. 1st item aligned to left?

Most of them I think are small quirks I noticed but I thought it’s not a bad idea to document them for reference.

Also need to only load script when screen width is above 480px. When screen height is above 600px, 2 rows are shown. When height is below 600px only 1 is shown.

Hope that makes sense! Sorry again!