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I don’t understand…

But I can “read” only complete code.

This sounds like you want someone to write it for you so you can understand it…that’s not what we do here.

I want to begin to learn JS/Jquery with this slider experiment.

Perfect opportunity.

There are lots of tutorials out there on how to do exactly this…Try it.

The JQuery docs are packed with examples, you just have to try stuff, parse out what each line does…(make comments) and go from there.

I did…I’m no expert in JQ but I don’t automatically switch off when someone asks about it.

I’ll go through it line by line, refer to the API docs and try and figure it out.

If I still can’t get it…then I ask questions.

I suspect for 90% [made-up number] of what we want to do most of the the standard JQ effects (slides/toggles etc) will work just fine…and they’re easy.