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@ToxicFire Twitter Bootstrap will switch from LESS to SASS in the upcoming Version 4. I doubt, that less/styles will die within the next 2-3 years, but atm SASS seems to be the clear winner and is probably the “safer” choice.

** usefulness of sass in small projects **
IMO sass makes sense in small projects as well. Not because of the argument “you may switch your color in 2 seconds”, which doesn’t happen very often and seriously – why would I introduce a new language just for such a rare occasion?

The main argument for small projects is IMO the fact, that you may safely and easily REUSE code from older projects (as your projects are small, you’ll have plenty of them, I assume). Useful mixins and functions, even base stylings. If you know “I’ve done this before”, you don’t have to search your old projects css and copy the concerned lines, instead you just include the mixin for it.

Btw, a good Editor, supporting SASS is crucial IMO for a lot of its features:
– Variables are nice, but if you don’t have autocompletion, you need to copy them the same way you’ve copied the hex values before
– Same goes for mixins – if you need to copy/look up the name everytime you use them, it’s not much better than just copying the css lines.