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MS has been introducing defective browsers (i.e., non-compliant browsers) for over a decade now.

This has caused businesses & corporations billions & billions of dollars.

I am a front-end developer but also a COO of a small corporation (we only do few million dollars a year) & a licensed attorney.

As an attorney, I can tell you there is a valid case for class action lawsuit against MS.

Can you imagine the magnitude of emotional distress IE has caused to front-end developers over the years?

I have spoken with few legal departments at large corporations. Nobody wants to sue MS. Vast majority of attorneys working for large corporations (I would says 99.99%) are ignorant of the issue and they can’t possibly sue MS when they are using MS products.

Their contract with MS prohibits them from doing so.

So before talking about my attitude, you need to realize MS has been brazenly introducing defective products to the market knowing (I would even argue in court that MS has been “willful”) their browsers are defective.