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I would like to bring this discussion to life again to find the best way to use WP for a very large site or to find best alternatives.

The site I plan has the potential to be very large – think one “page” / url for every teacher in private schools in the US – about 500k (this is not the actual purpose, but illustrates it well)

As has been suggested, basically I need a template page which is populated from a DB.

Initially each ‘page’ will have exactly the same info. Basically a lot of fields with details of each teacher.

But, each teacher needs an individual URL and some of these teachers (maybe 100k) will choose to log in and add custom info below the main table.

I would like to keep WP for home page and several standard pages.

I also want the url structure to be integrated into the Wp structure (not on a sub domain).

I note @Mroyal’s point about WP admin, so I don’t want to create 500k WP pages.

Obviously all content and url’s need to be dynamically generated from a second DB.

What might be best for this:

Custom WP plugin
Some completely different system
Some hybrid system (WP for ‘static’ pages, other system for ‘dynamic’ pages)

I know all WP pages are dynamic.

What else do I need to consider, what else do you need to ask?

Thanks ColinK