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Senff, you said:

“Your example starts with “I got a CSS that darkens google.“. This sounds like you want to change someone else’s site (in this case,”

How in the hell would I be able to change google’s website?? You dont make any sense.

I cant believe you believed my sarcasm that I work for google. I cant believe you actually were a lot less than intelligent to believe that. Wow!

What I dont understand about you and this site is that I have to own a site to change things like font size, colors, background, etc? Again, this makes no sense.

I got a CSS style that darkens google and have changed it around to customize its look for my viewability. CSS code is CSS code regardless if one owns a site or not.

This site makes no sense whatsoever. I’ve never been so taken back by the “logic” of a forum like this. WOWWWWW! What a weirdo site!