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I dont understand, what do you mean you cant help me if this isnt my page? That makes no sense. I thought you help people with CSS issues?

I really dont understand what this site is about then. This is getting weird.

We can help people who create their own sites using HTML, CSS, Javascript and lots of other code languages. They create something, need help with that, and we try to help as much as we can.

Your example starts with “I got a CSS that darkens google.“. This sounds like you want to change someone else’s site (in this case, Or at least I think so…that’s the issue — it’s unclear what you’re trying to do.

If you’d work for Google, you would be able to change If you don’t, then you can’t change that page…except only for yourself, on your own local computer. But, not knowing how or with what tools, it’s very difficult for us to help with that (since those changes only apply to your computer, to which we have no access).

So, in this very case, someone else who also uses Stylish, could help (but it would have been helpful if you had mentioned Stylish right from the start), and then he/she would have to see what code you’ve used to darken Google. I realize you tried to do that in your second post here, but to dump a whole lot of code in a post here makes it very difficult to read — this is why Codepen is recommended, where you can drop your code and share the link with us.

Zeke explained how to do that, it’s really not that difficult. Give it a try!

Hope this helps.