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Alright, maybe I’ll recode it as a demonstration. I’d be curious to see your convention as well.

To bring this thread back around, here’s some way I think you could improve Takeaim:

  • You have multiple classes do the same thing, stuff like:

text-align: center;

text-align: center;

You can just use one of those.

  • You should start learning the short hand for CSS elements, for instance you can declare the borders in one line:

border-top: 10px solid black;


margin: .5em;

  • Try to use the same measurements everywhere (PX/EMs/etc).

Pixels will stay fixed no matter what, with em’s everything will grow if I raise my dpi. The way it is now some stuff will grow and others will remain fixed if I change my setting to %125.

  • Dont overide yourself. In your css you set the body font to arial, then overwrite it at the bottom of your stylesheet.
  • I wouldn’t use a section tag for every paragraph. They all should be part of the same section. I’d probably just use an article tag and have everything a subheading to “Hi, I’m carlton”. Someone else join in here and tell me if you agree.
  • Try not to use as many spans. Spans hold no semantic value, so whenever there’s a chance to use a more meaningful tag do it.

For example I see you using spans a lot to make text bold. I’d urge towards using strong or em.

Another example is this:

<a href=''><span>Javascript course</span></a>

You should just drop the span and add a class to the a and style it directly.

  • lastly, just fix that UL we described above.